How to choose fabric for your wedding dress?

by Jessie Wang

wedding & deb dress fabric

When you start looking for your wedding dress, one of the questions to consider is fabric. Satins, Organzas, Chiffons, Oh MY! There are too many fabrics that make you feel confused.

When choosing a fabric type for your wedding gown, the initial questions should be:

Where am I getting married?

The answers might be in a church; in a garden; at the beach; in a hall; etc. Different material has different feels. You need to consider the climate and temperature when choosing the fabric.

What's the formality/feel of my wedding?

The formality and feel of the wedding dress is subject to the venue of the event. If your ceremony is in a church, the dress should be formal and heaveier material, like satin, is usually preferred.

What is my style?

Some brides prefer casual style, some prefer formal style. Casual style dresses are made with light fabric, such as chiffon and light satin to give a flowy effect. Formal dresses are usually made of satin and organza which is more structured.

What is my budget?

Finally you need to think about the budget. In general, fabrics are woven in either synthetic fibers: Acrylic, Polyester, Nylon, etc. or natural fibers, such as: Silk, Hemp, Linen, Cotton, etc. Some are woven with a blend of both synthetic and natural. Natural fibers tend to "breath" better, so are a bit cooler (depending on lining fabric). Synthetic fabrics tend to be a bit hotter, but natural material is generally more expensive than synthetic materials.

In addition, you also need to consider the "The face" of the fabric. This is what you "see"... The weave of the fibers. Satin, dupioni, chiffon, organza, shantung, dutchess, etc. These "faces" are woven in synthetic and natural fibers. Satin faces tend to look more formal and are a bit shinier (Dutchess satin is a bit less shiny). Dupioni, shantung, chiffon, and organza faces, tend to look less shiny.... more mat, and a bit less formal (depending on cut).

Another thing to consider is how the fabric photographs... Some synthetic fibers will photograph shiny and with a glow. That may not be the look you are going for;) Take your camera with you and take a photo of the fabric...with flash and without.

The answers to these question will help in deciding "The Best Fabric" for Your dress. However these are general guidelines, as a creative designer can manipulate almost any fabric into any "look", "feel", "style". The best fabric is the one that you are comfortable in and happy with, that you can afford, and that will give you the look you are going for.


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